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DUF Series Hot Water Softener Manual. SWT&39;s online PDF library of Autotrol Control Valve Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manuals are available for download. You will immediately begin to notice the numerous benefits of having quality water throughout your home and the benefits of having a Kinetico Quality Water System. MBA 15T 30T Clock Softeners Manual MBA 45T 60T 75T Clock Softeners Manual MP MBA 15T 30T Softeners Manual MP MBA 45T 60T 75T Softeners Manual. The programmable microprocessor control utilizes high efficiency regeneration minimizing the consumption of salt. These efficient home water filtration systems from Sears are easy to install and are loaded with useful features that your whole family will absolutely love.

I have cleaned controller each year but nothing I can get to seems out of sorts. pdf; MATC-MA 1 Inch TW Alt Manual 8. Kinetico Softener Manual 1 of 7 The Kinetico Water Softener Owner’s Manual 1 Congratulations for choosing Kinetico to improve the quality of your water.

Water heaters can sometimes overheat to t he extent they will transmit heat back down the cold pipe into the unit control valve. This manual is a reference and will not include every system installation situation. Water added to brine tank each cycle, but not drawn out.

48 000 grain capacity microprocessor based metered water softener. by water depot deluxe series owner’s manual for all deluxe water softeners this manual is to be left with the owner of the equipment for reference and purposes and technical guidance. Autotrol series 155 water softener controller no longer draws brine to recharge conditioning tank. Call. Softeners include Autotrol 255 valve with 440i 6-day timer or 460i microprocessor, 3/4" Noryl manifold, blue polyglass mineral tank, and standard mesh resin. If not, the unit will regenerate. Created Date: 6:14:44 PM.

5 Inch Twin Alternating 9500 series 155 water softener manual SXT Manual 8-222. Obsolete part = NONE Remaining as of July. Consumption, Average 6 47 gallons 45 gallons 67 gallons 155 gallons 1 The efficiency rated dosage is only valid at the stated salt dosage and is efficiency rated according to NSF/ANSI Standard 44. Take off both caps (injector screen and injector) and using a pair of needle nose pliers, grab injector and pull out or you can use a long thin screw driver and push out from the opposit end. 5 inch thread into resin tank on bottom and a Autotrol 156 bypass valve on the back. Special resin beads in the softener mineral tank are used to change hard water into soft water.

The soft water of of a water softener can even extend the life of your favorite clothing and apparel by filtering excess minerals and metals that can damage delicate fabrics. This is a manual for the upgraded version of the 155. The computer then determines if the water conditioner has enough remaining capacity to supply the next day’s needs. *The Adapter Couplers are sold separately. Be careflu not to break to injector. Used in older Autotrol Valve Models 155, 163, and 168.

llet or solar salt for water softeners All Systems above tested at 35psi +/- 5 psi, pH of 7. , is a reasonable distance to he lp prevent this possibility. Injectors For Autotrol Valves w/Orings ( 26F & 27F ) included. pdf; DUF-HT Softener Specifications (6-185). Water System GE Autotrol Performa ProSoft 960 Series Installating And Operation Manual 5-cycle conditioner 5-cycle fa filter water conditioning control system (32 pages) Water System GE 400 Series Maintenance Manual. These water softener systems have been tested by WQA and conform to NSF/ANSI 44 for specific performance claims as verified and substantiated by test. 04 water softener. it is strongly recommended that qualified dealer service personnel be contacted in the event of an unknown interruption.

Use series 155 water softener manual this procedure to replace the. Sodium In Drinking Water 3. Avoid pinched o-rings during installation by applying (provided with install kit) NSF certified. This is helpful during the routine maintenance of the valve. pdf; MAT 60M-450M 1. PRODUCT DOCUMENTATION Autotrol 255 Valve Data Sheet Autotrol 740 Logix Time Clock Control Data Sheet Autotrol 255/740 Manual (Parts list pages 31-36) FEATURES AND BENEFITS (Autotrol 255 Series Control Valve) Time-tested Duraflow.

Read all instructions carefully before operation. Fits the Autotrol 255 valve & 155 valve. Hot water can severely damage the conditioner. Free shipping for many products! The tank is a typical tank about 41″ in height and about 9″ diameter.

Make sure your water is safe, filtered, and tastes great! 337 mg/L of hardness x 0. place Add: Water Softener Parts 1511 Sarasota Center Blvd. The 256 bypass allows the control valve to be isolated from water flow, but still provide water to the home.

How complex is this swap? What to look for and how to bypass an AutoTrol water softener and water filter. The Series 155 was replaced by the Series 255 late 1995 ( early 1996 ). The timer controls the water softening and regeneration cycles, and lets you program the settings of the water softener. The person installing this equipment series 155 water softener manual should have: • training in the 700 Logix series controllers and water softener installation; • knowledge of water conditioning and how to determine proper controller settings; • basic plumbing skills. , the past seven days’ water usage is statistically averaged to anticipate the amount of water that will be used the next day.

Features of the ESD2752 Series water softener: Patented Electronics Digital Demand Module – Sophisticated, yet easy-to-use electronics capture historical usage patterns to predict future needs for precise. 1-211 R2 DUF-HT Series Brochure. 75-1 Inch Twin Alternating 9100 SXT Manual 8-221. The surfaces of these beads are covered with sodium ions. There are many Autotrol water softener manuals considering the included type of controller suitable and connected with a certain type of valve. A positive way to prevent hot water from. The EcoWater ESD2752 Series is our line of two-tank, solid state softeners that are reliable and convenient systems for your home.

A water softener exchanges the sodium ions in the water for the calcium and magnesium ions that cause water hardness. My 27 year old Autotrol 155 water softener is not drawing from brine tank I would like to swap in a new 255 valve assembly with the fancy Logix 760 controller. A 10-foot (3-m) total pipe run, including bends, elbows, etc. The bypass valve assembly comes with new O-rings and bolts. For example, there are Autotrol 268 440i manual, Autotrol 760 Logix control time manual, osmonics Autotrol 440i manual, etc. Autotrol Water Softener Model 1550 Tc Manual – Helpful Tips That Make Your Domestic plumbing Be. Our most popular model the WS1SM uses a standard flow GE/Autotrol 3/4" 255 valve with a microprocessor based 460i control.

This is the same design used for almost 30 years (replaced by the updated 255 Series in late 1996). An easy way to tell the difference is, the brine control ( salt dial ) is located on the front ( just beneath the timer housing ) on the 155 and it has been relocated to the right side ( looking from the front ) on the 255. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Autotrol 155 Water Softener Control Valve at the best online prices at eBay!

Welcome To Your New World of Better Living with Culligan Water. Filling Softener with Water Details for Filling Softener Tank with Water 8 MCA Control Valve Timer Setting the MCA Timer 9 Final Check Final Installation Check Manual Regeneration Instructions for Manual Regeneration 10 Bypass Bypass Operation 11 Troubleshooting Problem/ Cause / Solution. And normally the valve is Model 155. Please enter a valid email address. Contact us today! It the exploded parts view, the injector is 8. 2 Measured from top of media to top surface of tank threads (backwashed and drained). MASTER WATER CONDITIONER CONTROL SYSTEM Series 155 I&O MANUAL PDF (July 1990) includes instructions of adjusting the water softener timer shown above, the water softner brine series 155 water softener manual control adjustment (the salt dial), and other features.

46 = 155 mg of sodium for each liter of water consumed. Autotrol Water Softener Manual. If the water usage pattern changes, the. The 460i Control provides conditioning efficiency that automatically adjusts to water demands and ensures continuous conditioned water with substantial savings on both salt and water. Old 155 is mounted between 2.

The modern water softener is designed to reduce hardness ions and their unpleasant side effects. White AA =Blue BB =Red CC =Green DD =Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual for the Series 155 ( which is the same as 1550-TC ). 5, Capacity Testing Flow Rate = 50% of the rated service flow rate for the various size systems. 485HE High Efficiency Water Softener Manual REVISION 1 REVISION DATE Novem 1. This is a detailed review of the Autotrol Water Softener and I will examine the claims made by the brand and tell you if it&39;s worth buying or not.

If there&39;s power to the water softener but the display is blank, or if the control panel won&39;t work when you touch a button, replace the timer with the manufacturer-approved replacement part. Portasoft of Morris County in Kenvil, NJ will install a water system that will remove chemicals and minerals. Thank You The Culligan HE Water Softeners with Soft-Minder ® Meter and Aqua-Sensor sensing device are tested and certfied by WQA against ORD0902, CSA B483. LOGIX™ SERIES INSTALLER QUICK-START SHEET 3 MANUAL OVERVIEW 7 How To Use This Manual 7 EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION 8 General Warnings And Safety Information 8 Valve Features 11 Location Selection 13 Water Line Connection 14 Drain Line Connection 16 Overflow Line Connection 17 Regenerant Line Connection 18 Electrical Connection 20 Valve Camshaft 21.

Series 155 water softener manual

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